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The Things You Can Do With Fallout 4's Pip-Boy Companion App

Multi-device gaming is not quite a thing –yet. Synching up a smart phone or tablet to a PC or console game is currently a novelty feature, and is basically something that is not as intuitive as many people would like it to be. Still, there is no doubt that as more games make use of this technology, it will improve. Fallout 4 is one such game. The Fallout Pip-Boy companion app is a completely free smart phone app that allows players to either fiddle through it in demo mode or sync it up to a running game in order to serve more game-centric functions.

What Fallout Pip-Boy Actually Does

The primary puporse of this companion app is to sync to your live game and serve as a real-time physical alternative to the in-game Pip Boy menu. Everything that a player can do in the menu can be done in the app –manage stats, inventory, use stimpacks or drugs or medicine, check radiation, view the map, etc. And since the app is a separate instance from the game, the game itself does not pause when you use the app. Basically, it really simulates having a real Pip Boy.

For players with the Pip Boy accessory from the special Pip Boy collector's edition of the game, there is an option to mount a smart phone on the wrist accessory so that they can use the app in its most game-realistic way possible. However, this is more of a novelty feature and unless your arm is accustomed to a little bit of extra weight, it can get uncomfortable after a while.

To use the Pip Boy app, players must first activate the game's ability to sync. To do this, simply head to the menu and go to the game's settings. It should have an entry for activating Pip Boy access. Afterwards, simply run the app. Pip Boy's first screen will ask you to choose which platform it should connect to (PS4, PC, or Xbox One), simply choose the correct one and the rest is pretty much automated.

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Might as Well Pause

One of the most basic effects of activating the Pip Boy in-game is that it also pauses the game (along with all the other menus you can activate in the game). However, using the app happens in real time, which means that if you decide to fiddle through the app in the middle of a firefight, enemies will not stop shooting at you. It is a good idea to either pause the game before using the app or at least get to a safe location. This does provide players with a more immersive gaming experience –no one should rummage through their storage standing in the middle of potentially hostile territory. And if you like to play that way, this app is a good thing to have.

Bigger is Better

While the app is certainly designed to be used for smartphones (especially if it will be mounted on the holder), we highly suggest running the companion app on a tablet. One of the best functions of the app is that it can serve as a real-time map. And this is pretty important to have if you are navigating the vast wasteland. Have the app propped up nearby and you can instantly tell at a glance where you are heading without needing to pause the game constantly. You can also use it to help balance the amount of radiation you receive –which is a critical function for players with radiation-activated quirks. In any case, the whole second screen experience can be made better if a bigger device is used.

Holotape Games

One of our favorite Pip Boy functions is that it allows you to play several of the holotape games. The demo mode of the app will allow players to try out the Missile Command style "Atomic Command” game. But if you manage to get the Zeta Invaders (Space Invaders), Grognak RPG, Pipfall (Pitfall), Red Menace (the nuclear version of Donkey Kong), or other tapes, you can play the games on the app instead of in-game. Sadly, you cannot play the games without Fallout 4 running on your gaming system, which is such a shame since most of the Pip Boy games are great to play on their own. Hopefully, Bethesda changes this so that the companion app can have some standalone functionality.

Coop Mode

While Fallout 4 is a primarily single player experience, you can have a friend assisting your game (or you can assist in a friend's game) through the app. Sorting out and managing inventory contents, can be troublesome, especially for players whose characters have low carrying capacity. You can have a friend automatically sorting through the junk and throwing away all the unnecessary items while you focus on exploring a location, scavenging, and combat. Aside from that, they can also help deal with injuries, keep an eye on your health or rads, and of course, review information from the various notes and holotape recordings you find.

Fun Alternative, But Not Better

Between the in-game version of the Pip Boy and this mobile app, the fact is that the ingame version works better. The interface is designed to be used with a controller, not a touch screen. Many of the features, like the radio, do not function in the app. But that should not dissuade any Fallout fan from using the app. After all, it is the closest one can get to actually knowing what it is like to have a real life version of the iconic Vault-Tec tool.

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