Fallout 4 Contraptions Workshop DLC, Automatron & Late Game Tips

Fallout 4 DLC: Contraptions Workshop DLC, Automatron

Think you have seen everything that a post-nuclear Boston has to offer? Bethesda says nay with 3 huge game updates that adds a fairly sizable amount of gameplay hours and interesting new gameplay features. Fans are abuzz with all the news regarding the Far Harbor add-on which promises the largest amount of content. But as of the time of writing, this DLC has yet to be launched. What we do already have, however, are the DLC items Automatron and Wasteland Workshop. So whether it is dealing with a mass breakout of hostile robots or playing Pokemon with irradiated mutant wildlife, Fallout 4 has you covered.

The Mechanist is Back

Fallout 3 players will be very familiar with the name of the Mechanist. Much like Fallout 4's Silver Shroud, the Mechanist is an in-story fictional comic character. In the previous game, an NPC in the commonwealth wasteland used the moniker (complete with costume) and used robots to fight against another the Antagonizer's ant forces . The new Mechanist is pretty much the same kind of person, except that this person's ability to dabble with technology is more advanced and their robot army is much larger.

Players start the quest by finding the remains of a caravan ambush. The only survivor of the attack is a robot named Ada. She will become one of the sole survivor's companions and her personal quest is also the main quest for the this DLC: you must find the Mechanist, which has been deploying hostile robots all over (her caravan was ambushed by such robots). This is a fairly long questline that involves fighting a lot of robots, upgrading Ada, and seeking out the Mechanist.

Combat here takes an all-new paradigm since much of the battles will be against machines. They are generally tougher than most organics and unlike synths, staggering them is much harder. If you have been used to dealing with soft fleshy enemies like raiders and super mutants, this will be a whole different kind of battle. Plasma weapons and explosives become more valuable as they can prove very effective against the heavy armor of your enemies.

The rewards, considering the slightly more difficult quest, are pretty awesome. Depending on how you resolve the conflict with the Mechanist, you can be given a full armored costume in the same vein as the Shroud.

Gotta Catch Em All

Fallout 4 goes full Pokemon with Wasteland Workshop. Unlike what the title suggests, this add-on is a lot less about crafting and a lot more about animal taming. Players will be given the new option to build traps and cages. These will allow you to capture different wasteland animals for players to use as they want (we can already imagine all the absurd PETA protests for this). The update also includes a lot of craftable stuff aside from traps and cages. There are also new concrete based building items, and complete world building tools for creating your own arena (complete with power and water supply).

This update is pretty small, both in terms of file size and in content. Aside from the new building materials and the taming mechanic (which basically relies on Animal Friend and Wasteland Whisperer), there is nothing actually new in this update. All the wild monsters are already present in the game to begin with. So the only in-game items to be added are the new construction items.

Far Harbor

Despite being the largest DLC as of yet, we know only a little bit about the upcoming Far Harbor. The most interesting is that the new story arc will revolve around a new case for Nick Valentine, so we can expect a lot of new dialogue and interactions with the synth detective in this one. As the story goes, you have to search for a woman in a secret colony of synths. Whether this has a tie-in to the Railroad faction remains to be seen, though it has been confirmed that the Children of Atom are back in the picture.

For those who have never played Fallout 3, Children of Atom also appeared as a small church faction in Megaton City that worships an unexploded nuclear warhead. In Fallout 4, the group is far more fanatical, and one of the earliest way to surely encounter them is at the Kingsport Lighthouse. It seems that the Atom, the synths, and the general population of Far Harbor are at odds with one another and the player will have to navigate that messy social quagmire. Adding in to the complication is the fact that the new location will have higher radiation than previous areas and thus, the enemies you will meet will have new and different mutations than the ones you are used to.

This update has 5 confirmed quests in its main storyline though it may have additional side quests as well (and possibly new random radiant-style quests). For trophy and achievement hunters, this DLC has 10 new challenges to fulfill.

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Late Game Tips: Setting Up Your Settlements

While the new DLC items are exciting, some of you may just be looking to expand your current game further, and that means polishing what you already have. One of Fallout 4's most extensive features is the settlements –this pretty much combines everything you do in the game. And while setting up a single settlement into the ultimate home base is a typical goal for most players, what they don't realize is that there is a greater challenge of managing multiple settlements.

In case you have not been using it, the Pip Boy menu has a list of settlements. This allows you to instantly check if they have any resource issues (marked by an exclamation point) as well as allowing you to easily fast travel to them (as opposed to clumsily fumbling about in the world map). If you care about settler happiness, which you should, this is also the best way to keep track of it.

Once you are able to attract caravans and set up supply lines, it becomes possible to link your different settlements to form a network. The ideal scenario is that you unlock settlements that are near each other and form a small circular route –this small circle will slowly expand as you add more settlements to your network. It is not advisable to link two extremely far settlements (like Sanctuary with The Castle), as the settlers will have to traverse a lot of really dangerous terrain.

Defending your settlements is pretty easy –simply have enough turrets to have a defense score that is higher than your production score. Arming up your settlers with good weapons is a smart move too, though you will want to stock up on a whole lot of ammo for that. The worst defense issue you can encounter is when one of your settlers get replaced by a synth. While there is no certain way to determine if is this is happening, a drop in happiness despite having good stocks of resources is a good sign.

The most efficient method we found for finding the synth is to gain the perk that allows you to check resistances in VATS. Without counting bonuses from equipment, settlers should not have a high energy resistance. When you do find a synth, it is not a good idea to kill them on the spot –this will cause a negative reaction from the other settlers. Instead, choose one settlement that serves as your banishment town, send the synth there, follow, and then perform the execution with no witnesses. For us, the mirelurk infested Spectacle Island serves as a good place for this purpose (we skip it out of the trade routes –The Castle has a route straight to Warwick Homestead).

For the earlier part of the game, radiant quests are a good way to pass the time. And Preston Garvey has an endless supply of Settlement in Trouble quests to keep you busy. The problem is, this can be more trouble than it is worth. While it initially opens up new settlements for you, in the late game where you've acquired all the other settlements, it simply causes more attacks. And if Preston's new quest suddenly sets an attack on a barely-defended settlement, you might even lose a few settlers. The best thing to do, take our tip above and make a banishment town and send Preston there too –well, if that's too cruel, just send him to a settlement that you rarely visit.

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